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Job Opportunities with INDUS ARABIA (Al-Kessa Al-Awole Gen. Con. Est.)

1. QA/QC Mechanical (5 Positions)

  • Conducting quality inspections on mechanical components and systems.
  • Ensuring compliance with project specifications and industry standards.
  • Documenting inspection results and maintaining quality records.
  • Collaborating with project teams to address quality concerns.

Safety, QC, Engineer and Managers Jobs at Al Toukhi company

  • Relevant experience in QA/QC for mechanical projects.
  • Knowledge of industry standards and inspection techniques.
  • Compensation: 40 SR per hour

2. Multi Welder (5 Positions)

  • Performing welding activities on various materials and structures.
  • Following welding procedures and safety guidelines.
  • Ensuring the quality of welds meets project standards.
  • Collaborating with other team members for efficient project execution.

Urgent Need 50 Safety Officers For KSA

  • Proven experience as a multi-welder.
  • Certification in welding processes.
  • Compensation: 35 SR per hour

3. Structure Supervisor (5 Positions)

  • Overseeing the construction and assembly of structures.
  • Managing a team of workers and ensuring project timelines are met.
  • Conducting safety inspections and enforcing regulations.
  • Coordinating with other supervisors to optimize project workflow.
  • Previous experience in structural supervision.
  • Knowledge of construction processes and safety standards.
  • Compensation: 32 SR per hour

4. Safety Officer (14 Positions)

  • Implementing and enforcing safety protocols on the worksite.
  • Conducting safety inspections and risk assessments.
  • Training employees on safety procedures.
  • Investigating incidents and maintaining safety records.
  • Certification in occupational health and safety.
  • Previous experience as a safety officer.
  • Compensation: 26 SR per hour

Safety Officer Job at Gulf Haulage Rig Move & Oil and Gas

5. Rigger I (2 Positions), Rigger II (5 Positions), Rigger III (12 Positions)

  • Rigging and lifting operations in accordance with project requirements.
  • Inspecting and maintaining rigging equipment.
  • Ensuring compliance with safety regulations.
  • Relevant rigging experience for the respective levels.
  • Rigger I: 38 SR per hour
  • Rigger II: 22 SR per hour
  • Rigger III: 18 SR per hour

Duration: 3 Months

Documents required: Chember & Ajeer
Additional Requirement: Candidates must be able to submit the Sasref Conflict form signed by the sponsor.

HSE Officer (Oil & Gas), Safety Advisor, Civil Engineer, Site Engineer, Supervisor and Document Controller Jobs in KSA


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