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If you are looking for manpower supply for civil work in countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Pakistan, and the Philippines, you can follow these steps to find the right workers:

Civil Foreman

  • Hourly Rate: 20 Saudi Riyals (SR)
  • Responsibilities: The Civil Foreman is responsible for supervising construction projects, managing the construction crew, ensuring safety standards are followed, and coordinating work activities.

Safety Officer, Engineer, Supervisor, Civil Technician and Storekeeper Jobs


  • Hourly Rate: 17 Saudi Riyals (SR)
  • Responsibilities: Carpenters are skilled in working with wood and are responsible for constructing, installing, and repairing structures and fixtures made of wood or other materials.


  • Hourly Rate: 17 Saudi Riyals (SR)
  • Responsibilities: Masons are skilled in building structures with brick, concrete, or other masonry materials. They are responsible for laying bricks or blocks, plastering, and ensuring the structural integrity of buildings.

Rasha Ashour Ismail Al-Juhani Est. Contracting KSA Jobs

Steel Fixer

  • Hourly Rate: 17 Saudi Riyals (SR)
  • Responsibilities: Steel fixers work with reinforcing bars and mesh to provide the necessary structural support in concrete construction. They bend, cut, and assemble steel to ensure stability in concrete structures.


  • Hourly Rate: 13 Saudi Riyals (SR)
  • Responsibilities: Helpers provide assistance to skilled tradesmen (e.g., carpenters, masons, steel fixers) by carrying materials, tools, and performing various tasks to support the construction process.

Al Hajri Corporation (Aramco) Jobs

Documents Required:

Here are some considerations and explanations regarding the documents you’ve listed:

  1. Iqama Copy: This is a residence permit for expatriates living and working in Saudi Arabia. It’s not applicable to workers from Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Pakistan, or the Philippines if you’re not in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Passport Copy: A copy of the worker’s passport is a standard requirement for identification and immigration purposes.
  3. Muqeem: This is related to the Iqama and is specifically for Saudi Arabia. It’s not applicable for workers from other countries.
  4. Vaccine Medical Report: This is usually required to ensure that the workers are immunized against common diseases. It’s a good practice to ensure the health and safety of your workforce.
  5. Blood Group: Knowing a worker’s blood group can be important for medical emergencies. It’s a safety measure.
  6. CR Copy of Workers: CR stands for Commercial Registration. It’s not clear why you need a copy of this for your workers, as it typically relates to a company’s registration.

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