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UAE Based Jobs

1) Head Chef (Arabic Nationality) – AED 9500 salary.

The Head Chef is a leadership role responsible for overseeing all aspects of the kitchen operations, culinary creativity, and team management within a restaurant or food establishment. The Head Chef ensures the quality, taste, and presentation of all dishes while managing a team of kitchen staff and collaborating with other departments to deliver an exceptional dining experience.


1) Helpdesk Executive – 01 Nos

Job Description:

A Helpdesk Executive plays a crucial role in providing technical assistance and support to users within an organization. They are responsible for resolving hardware and software issues, answering inquiries, and assisting users in a professional and efficient manner. The Helpdesk Executive serves as the first point of contact for technical problems and ensures that users can effectively use technology tools and systems.

Note -Total salary = 180 to 200 OMR for /12hours duty/6 days’ work.

Permit Receiver / Fire Watch / Standby Man, Helper

2) BMS/Electrician – 01 Nos

A Building Management System (BMS) Electrician is a skilled professional responsible for installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting various electrical and building automation systems within commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. The role combines electrical expertise with knowledge of automation and control systems to ensure the efficient and safe operation of a building’s electrical and automation infrastructure.

Note -Total salary = 170 OMR for /12hours duty/6 days’ work.

3) HVAC Tech – 02 Nos

Job Description:

An HVAC Technician, also known as a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Technician, is responsible for installing, maintaining, repairing, and troubleshooting heating, cooling, and ventilation systems in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. They play a crucial role in ensuring proper indoor air quality, comfort, and temperature regulation within buildings. HVAC Technicians are skilled professionals who work with various HVAC equipment and systems to ensure their optimal functioning.

Note -Total salary = 170 to 180 OMR for /12hours duty/6 days’ work.

4) Multi Skilled Tech – 01 Nos

Job Description:

The Multi-Skilled Tech is a versatile and adaptable professional responsible for providing technical support and expertise across various areas within a company or organization. This role requires a strong foundation in multiple technical disciplines, as well as the ability to troubleshoot, maintain, and enhance different systems, tools, and processes. The Multi-Skilled Tech plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of various technologies and contributing to overall organizational efficiency.

Note – One Multiskilled need with acknowledge of (Plumber and carpenter ) with Gulf License. Salary would we 200 to 210 Omr / 12hours duty/6 days’ work.

Data Entry / Data Analyst / Product Data Entry ( Remote Work From Home )

Multi Skilled Tech – 01 Nos

Second MST need with acknowledge of (AC , Electrical , Plumbing , Handyman) Salary would we 200 to 210 Omr / 12hours duty/6 days’

CCTV Operator – 02 Nos

we don’t need technicians instead need people with good observation skills, decent communication & a bachelor’s degree. Salary would we 180 to 200 Omr / 12hours duty/6 days’

Interested & qualified candidates to send documents at

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