Safety, QC, Site Engineer and BIM Coordinator Requirements for NEOM.

Currently hiring for the below mentioned Positions for NEOM project.

HSE Officer

A HSE Officer is an individual responsible for ensuring compliance with occupational health and safety (OHS) guidelines in a workplace. They play a crucial role in promoting a safe working environment by advising on safety measures, conducting risk assessments, and enforcing preventative measures.
(2-5 Years Experience) Only KSA Nationals

HSE Engineer

The HSE engineer will develop procedures and design systems to protect people from illness, injury, and property damage. This position will supervise project safety personnel, monitor site conditions and industry initiatives in this area, introducing the best and most successful practices in the company.
(5 Years Experience) Only KSA Nationals

HSE Trainer

The Safety Trainer ensures that all employees are safe from dangers and are educated well on handling threats and problems. Alongside this, the Safety Trainer properly educates and informs all company employees on the company’s safety protocols and procedures.- (5 Years Experience) Only KSA Nationals

Safety Officer Jobs in Makkah, KSA

QC Inspector

A QC quality control inspector is responsible for monitoring the quality of incoming and outgoing products for manufacturing companies. Quality control inspectors, also called quality controllers (QC) are members of a control audit team that examine manufacturing processes and operational techniques.- (5 Yrs of Experience) Only KSA Nationals

Site Engineer

Site engineers have similar jobs to construction (site) managers. They manage parts of a construction project (also known as packages), providing technical advice to subcontractors, supervising staff on site and ensuring that their packages are completed on time, in line with legal guidelines and within budget.- Viaduct (10 Yrs of Experience)

Site Supervisor

Site supervisors prepare work schedules and track worker activities. They establish safety protocols for all personnel, including subcontractors. They maintain records of all workers’ time and payroll. They conduct weekly safety meetings, and conduct inspections of equipment, work areas, and work methods.- Viaduct (8 Yrs of Experience)

Cost Controller

As a cost controller, your job duties include verifying costs with vendors and suppliers, estimating expenditures, and recommending cost-saving measures to upper management. To become a cost controller, you need a bachelor’s degree in business, finance, or a related field and several years of industry experience.(8 Yrs of Experience)

BIM Coordinator (Bentley Software Exp.)

BIM (Building Information Modelling) coordinators are responsible for digital processes associated with the design and construction stages of a project. They ensure 3D models, drawings and structural data are hosted in one, accessible place and deliver project information model to clients.

Rig Safety Officer / HSE Officer Job

BIM Modeler (Bentley Software Exp.)

A BIM (Building Information Modeling) modeler is a professional who creates, manages, and maintains digital 3D models of buildings and other structures.

Vendor Specialist

As the point of contact between a business and its vendors, your duties include coordinating vendor payments, maintaining effective communication, and managing company cash flow. You may often be assigned account management for a set of vendors to oversee the day-to-day interactions with each.- (5 Years Experience)

Electrical Workshop Responsible

You will be responsible for installing and repairing complex electrical control, wiring, and lighting systems working from a technical blueprint. To perform in this role you need an electrician degree from a technical college and experience in the field working on simple and complex electrical systems.- (10 Yrs of Experience)

Mechanical Workshop Responsible

– (10 Yrs of Experience)

Interested candidates can share their CV’s to , mentioning the Job title in subject.

Preference will be given to candidates available in KSA.

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