Managers, Safety Officers, Site Engineers, Civil Draftsman and Surveyor are Required for KAD Construction.

KAD Construction Hiring

Job Positions:

Tendering and Estimation Manager

Job Description:

Provide support to management during the pre-tender process starting from evaluating/ assessing tenders, assessing risk factors to arrive at bid decisions, and estimating all the required material, equipment, and manpower needs to be able to arrive at reliable cost estimates for bidding projects.

Civil Draftsman

Job Description:

A civil draftsman job is a technical professional who drafts documents for development projects in a city or town. Civil draftsman are capable of combining both technical knowledge and artistic skills together to create maps and other key planning documents.

HSE Officer

Job Description:

HSE / Safety Officer is expected to supervise a quality, health, safety and environmental team and to work with internal and external stakeholders to accomplish his/her work. Address areas of non-conformance to Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) standards through corrective actions.

HSE Officer and HSE Supervisor Required

Site Engineer

Job Description:

Site engineers have similar jobs to construction (site) supervisors. They manage and supervise parts of a construction project (also known as packages), providing technical advice to contractors and subcontractors, supervising staff on site and ensuring that their packages are finished on time, in line with legal guidelines and within budget.

Land Surveyor

Job Description:

Land Surveyors measure land features, such as depth and shape, based on reference points. Land Surveyor examine previous land records to verify data from on-site surveys. Land Surveyors also prepare maps and reports, and present results to clients.

Assistant Surveyor

Job Description:

As a surveyor assistant, you help conduct land surveys. As part of your duties, you may hold equipment as directed, call out readings, write numbers, mark distances, and use measuring devices as needed. Surveyor assistants usually work directly under field surveyors and travel to job sites as part of a larger team.

Safety Officer, Safety Engineer, HR Coordinator, QA/QC Engineer and Engineers Requirements

KAD Construction Looking for candidates with civil background and experience in Roads and Infrastructure .

Interested candidates can send their CV to
mentioning the position in the subject.

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