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Civil Engineer

Of course! Civil engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure projects such as buildings, roads, bridges, dams, airports, and more. Civil engineers play a critical role in shaping and improving the built environment to meet society’s needs.

Civil Surveyor

A civil surveyor is a professional who specializes in the measurement, mapping, and analysis of land and its features. They play a crucial role in various construction and development projects by providing accurate information about the land’s topography, boundaries, and other relevant characteristics. Civil surveyors use specialized equipment and techniques to collect data that is used for planning, design, and construction purposes.

5 Safety Officers Needed Urgently

QC Civil Engineer

A QC Civil Engineer, also known as a Quality Control Civil Engineer, is a professional who is responsible for ensuring the quality and compliance of civil engineering projects. Their primary focus is to monitor and manage the construction processes to ensure that the project meets the specified standards, regulations, and requirements.

QC Mechanical Engineer

It looks like you’ve mentioned “QC Mechanical Engineer.” It seems you might be looking for information related to this role. A QC (Quality Control) Mechanical Engineer is a professional who is responsible for ensuring the quality and reliability of mechanical components, systems, and products in various industries.

Planning Engineers

Planning engineers play a crucial role in various industries, including construction, manufacturing, and project management. They are responsible for developing, coordinating, and managing project schedules, ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget.

HSE Managers

An HSE Manager, which stands for Health, Safety, and Environment Manager, is a professional responsible for overseeing and managing the health, safety, and environmental aspects of an organization. Their primary goal is to ensure that the workplace is safe for employees, contractors, visitors, and that the organization’s operations are conducted in an environmentally responsible manner.

Health And Safety Specialist Jobs

HSE Engineers

A safety engineer is a professional who specializes in ensuring the safety of people, equipment, and the environment within various industries. Their primary goal is to prevent accidents, injuries, and potential hazards by identifying and mitigating risks. Safety engineers work to design, implement, and monitor safety protocols and procedures in order to maintain a safe working environment.

HSE officers

A HSE Officer is a professional responsible for ensuring the health and safety of employees, visitors, and the general public within a specific environment, such as a workplace, construction site, manufacturing facility, or any other setting. Their primary role is to identify and mitigate potential hazards and risks to prevent accidents, injuries, and health issues.

Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineering is a diverse and versatile field of engineering that focuses on the design, analysis, and manufacturing of mechanical systems and devices. Mechanical engineers are responsible for creating solutions that involve the application of physics, mathematics, materials science, and engineering principles to various problems related to mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, and more.

Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineers are professionals who specialize in the study, design, development, and application of electrical systems and technologies. They play a crucial role in various industries, including telecommunications, power generation and distribution, electronics, computer hardware, robotics, and more.

Safety / EHS Supervisor

Instrumentation & Control (I&C) Engineers

Instrumentation and Control (I&C) Engineers are professionals who specialize in designing, developing, installing, and maintaining control systems and instrumentation in various industries. These engineers play a critical role in ensuring the proper functioning, safety, and efficiency of complex industrial processes and systems. Their expertise is essential in industries such as manufacturing, energy, oil and gas, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, and more.

Project   : The Red Sea project

Company : Shandong Tiejun Electric Power Engineering Company LTD.

Location  : Umluj , Tabuk Region, KSA

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  1. Had 14 years experience in Saudi Arabia including Saudi Aramco,
    Had valid Iqama and driving license
    Available within 2 week ( transferable Iqama)

  2. In response to your job posting for planning engineer, I am including this letter and my resume for your review.
    I have 5 years’ experience in planning engineer and I have demonstrated success history of working in Power Plant, Petro Chemicals, and Oil and Gas. Currently, I am working in one of the project of Aramco in RT Terminal General Maintenance Ras Tanura Saudi Arabia.
    I have gained rich experience in my young professional career in India and in Saudi Arabia. I am highly involved to achieve in a progressive organization that utilizes my knowledge and skills.
    I reviewed the requirements of the job opening and I believe my candidacy is an excellent fit for this position.

  3. Dear Sir
    If you need subcontractor for pipe line work like rtr gre frp fire fighting pipe underground pipe line please contact me 0531922148

    Superintendent Building & (Civil)
    Aramco Approved
    Current Location: Al-Hofuf, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Tel: +966591609009 / +923022334888

    POST APPLIED FOR: Quality Control Inspector/ Superintendent Building & (Civil)

    To join a prestigious company that provides future potentials for advancement and professional growth, enhancing my capabilities and achieving higher level of responsibilities, organizational skills through professionalism and dedicated hard work.


    Over seventeen (17th) years of extensive work experience in EPC contracting side, out of them, around 10 years spent in K.S.A. These cover the work and responsibilities on construction supervision, detailed engineering and project implementation. Those experiences include a variety of heavy civil works such as high rise buildings, Airport, commercial & residential buildings, road construction & Housing Schemes. Has vast professional experience in civil engineering with diversified domain projects in civil engineering ranging from medium to large scale industries which gave me an in depth understanding for handling various domain areas in civil engineering. Professional experience includes project management, quality control, progress monitoring and evaluation, review of method statement.

    Dec 2020 – to May-2023
    Jafurah Industrial Support Facility Project
    (Saudi Aramco)
    QA/QC Civil Inspector (Precast)

    Verifying that all necessary inspections and testing, as required by the project and statutory regulations, are carried out and appropriate records are updated and maintained.
    Coordinating quality activities with subcontractors and any other individual parties who may be working on the same site.
    Coordination with clients / third parties, in accordance with approved ITP, for agreed witness inspections & tests.
    Identification of non-calibrated equipment and informing Subcontractor QC for expediting arrangements with Calibration agencies for timely calibration of the equipment.
    Inspection and verification of the accuracy of the dimension of units, quantity, supports, spacers, and location of reinforcement and cast-in items, form and mold layout, and other matters pertaining specifically to Quality in production. Checking the adequacy of the form to produce units without displacement, distortion, or surface defects.
    Regular inspection of concrete proportioning, batching, mixing, handling, placing consolidation, finishing, and protection
    Inspection of all finished products for conformance with shop drawings and Specifications. This conformance must be within specified tolerances that are applicable to each unit or element produced for the Project work and are within the limits of the standard Appearance (finish) inspection as necessary to ensure that units have a uniform finish, color, shape, thickness, dimension, quality and matching the appearance of approved specimen samples.
    Control of Nonconforming Products The finished quality product not conforming to the requirements shall be identified, controlled & marked (REJECTED) to prevent its unintended dispatch or delivery and use on-site, the same is applicable to incoming material, in-process & finished products alike.

    Dec 2020 – to May-2023
    Samsung Engineering
    Hawiyah Unayzah Gas Reservoir Storage Project (HUGRS)
    (Saudi Aramco)
    Civil Building Superintendent
    Oversees the daily activities at work site, including scheduling of workers, delivery of equipment and materials, and progress reporting
    Develops relationships with key internal/external to identify emerging needs
    Resolves disputes and arranges any necessary changes .Promote job site safety, encourages safe work practices and rectifies job site hazards immediately
    Provides senior leadership for environmental, safety, health, injury/accident and fire prevention on the project
    Ensure the applicable design document for civil commodities such as concrete, steel, architectural and excavation is provided to direct hire craft personnel to complete work, and that all design changes are approved prior to implementation
    Responsible for implementing corporate project policies, procedures and instructions within assigned civil work activities or applicable project specific policies and procedures Coordinate with the General Foreman and Foreman to hire civil craft labor to execute work
    Must have experience with construction in the areas of earthwork. Work closely with other discipline superintendents or Superintendents and coordinate efforts and activities to meet the overall project requirements
    Manages project areas within approved budgets against agreed schedules and delivers in accordance with technical specifications.
    Control and monitor work instruction progress in consultation with civil superintendent, Supervisors and Project Engineers.
    Supervise the survey team for approval of final well coordinates prior to start of site activities.
    Plan & allocate site earthwork crews as per drilling priorities for well pad location & construction. Liaise with QA/QC and other required Departments on a day to day basis.
    Perform detailed supervision, to ensure a quality installed scope of work which meets project specifications and procedures for all earth works including interface coordination with Electrical, Instrument, Mechanical and Drilling Groups as applicable.
    Liaise with the surveying contractor(s) to ensure correct set outs for all works
    Work as filled contour engineer with 3D printing manufacturing team. Radio shelter Review 3D printing mortar material method statement and JSA as per material manufacturer data sheet. Operating the 3D printing machine. Preparation of Rebar as per bar Bending schedule.
    Review works of engineering team and easily recognizes coordination deficiencies and implement effective solutions.

    January 2020 – November 2020
    Haradh and Hawiyah Field Gas Compression Project (Saudi Aramco)
    QC Inspector-Civil

    Responsible to oversee that all civil related activities are conducted in compliance with the approved design drawings and project specifications.
    Preparation and Completion of Inspection and Test Records used for Quality Assurance in civil construction activities.
    Participated in site meetings to optimize site civil construction activities. Participated in weekly quality meetings with client. Assigning QC inspectors in different job sites, follow up with them about status of daily inspections, discussing discrepancies on their relevant site if any and coordinating with construction to take corrective and preventive measures according to project specifications.
    Follow-ups with construction team to take appropriate corrective actions in compliance with project specifications with given ACD.
    Identified any discrepancies during the course of inspection and raise Non-Conformance Report. Conduct surveillance from time to time and generate pro-active notification to subcontractor to ensure the quality works at all times. Preparing/updating weekly and monthly logs of RFIs, LBEs, INCRs, Concrete Pouring Log, and Concrete Crushing Log Etc. Reviewing all the quality related documents prior to submitting to Client.
    March 2018 – July 2019
    SSEM Saudi Services for Electro Mechanic
    Yanbu Distribution HUB Project (Saudi Aramco)
    Civil Superintendent

    Develops level 2 & 3 civil earthworks, concrete, and structural steel construction schedule details in support of the project construction execution plan (2 unit project)
    Determines FNM supervision, Subcontract, & manual staffing requirements
    Monitors crane, equipment, & tool usage on the site
    Assist in monitoring construction work schedules including look ahead schedules
    Assist in coordinating subcontractors, arrange and attend subcontractor coordination
    Overall responsibility for Safety, Health & Environment in assigned area of responsibility
    Works with Contractors to plan required work activities
    Communicates and enforces Granite’s Safety Program
    Promote safety and assist with the implementation of all applicable HSE programs, policies, and procedures
    Delegate and manage daily tasks given to field team members
    Tracking and supervising works related to implementing engineering technical responses to TQ’s and subsequently signing off the work at its completion.
    Application of good communication skills with contractors applying best practices to motivate Construction teams to completion in a timely manner.
    Support the ongoing construction activities by displaying a good awareness of HSE issues and imparting that protocol to the HSE site manager for control of the same.
    Monitor the ongoing works with the contractor and ensure compliance with Permit to Work procedures.
    Keep up to date on review of Facilities and HES procedures.
    Attend weekly/other Contractor meetings.
    Monitor work schedules and advise of potential delays.

    April 2017– March 2018
    Branch of Sino-hydro Corporation Limited.
    Shaybah Support Facilities to Crude Increment Project Saudi Aramco
    Civil Superintendent

    Track productivity to ensure daily goals are met or exceeded
    Project a professional appearance and interface with clients accordingly
    Develop and maintain good relationships with local unions and adhere to agreements
    Schedule, coordinate and manage subcontractors to ensure contractual obligations are met
    Submit daily reports and job cost information to the main office
    Assist Project Managers and Estimators to bid projects, including sharing innovative cost-saving ideas
    Direct knowledge and hands on experience of Data Center builds
    Resolve and advise senior management of potential problems, work interferences or schedule difficulties while assisting in circumventing/resolving such conflicts
    Ensure the applicable design document for civil commodities is provided to direct hire craft personnel to complete work, and that all design changes are approved prior to implementation
    Supervise total construction effort to ensure project is constructed in accordance with design, budget, and schedule

    October 2015– September 2016
    Wasmi Holding Co.
    Shaybah Interconnecting Pipelines Project Saudi Aramco
    Civil Superintendent

    Provide technical assistance, , interpretation of drawings, recommending construction methods, equipment, , as required
    Ensure all on-site personnel comply with project procedures, safety program requirements, work rules, Document all violations
    Assume responsibility for productivity of crafts, efficient use of materials and equipment, and contractual performance of the project
    Assists subcontractors in resolving problems and reports on issues related to drawings and information, schedule, quality, quantity tracking, cost reporting, and safety
    Conducts subcontractor supervision meetings to review/assist in daily, weekly, and monthly planning
    Assists craft in resolving problems and reports on issues related to drawings and information, schedule, quality, quantity tracking, cost reporting, and safety
    Conducts foreman meetings to review/assist in daily, weekly, and monthly planning
    Verifies that all material, manpower and resources needed to support the 3 Week Look Ahead Schedule are available and on site Reviews all craft timesheets, installed quantity reports, and progress payment requests
    Communicates and coordinates assigned craft daily and weekly work plans with other discipline Superintendents/Facilitators and Construction Manager
    June 2014– August 2015
    ABV ROCK Group Co. Ltd. KSA
    Yanbu Export Refinery MC-5 Project Saudi Aramco & Yasref
    QC Inspector-Civil

    Issuing Proactive notifications/Standard violations if job is not according to standards, project specs, and IFC drawings .Preparing focused assessments .Conducting quality meetings Participating communication meetings .Interviewing contractor quality personnel
    Qualification of Contractor’s QC Inspectors / Supervisors / Managers. Witness/Participation in Internal and External Audits on the Projects .Attendance and Leading the Projects Weekly Quality Meetings
    Review and approval of Construction Quality procedures .Inspection of Concreting Operation and Allied activities Witness Non-Destructive Testing of Concrete .Inspection of asphalting and Allied activities
    Inspection of Cement based and Epoxy Grouts Placement and Allied Activities .Inspection of Fill Placement and Compaction Testing. Inspection of Concrete Protective Coating application.

    November 2013– May 2014
    Beijing Construction Engineering Group Co. Ltd. KSA
    SABIC Mega Housing Projects—Phase III Jubail KSA
    QC Inspector Civil

    Arranging tests for aggregates and water performed by independent 3rd party. I ensure the Mill certificates for Type I and type V Cement.
    Arrange 3rd Party to collect the sample of water used in washing the aggregates and for mixing in concrete. Ensure the batch plants weighing scales calibrations.
    To look after the stockpiled of aggregates and the ground to avoid contamination of aggregates.
    To maintain the initial slump and temperature as specified in specifications.
    To witness the slump test, air content test and unit weight test, water/cement ratio, and compressive strength for process control of the concrete during production. I conduct the inspections for receiving of aggregates, cement and admixtures. Maintain records of all 3rd party results.

    January 2013– November 2013
    SADARA (KFIP) MCC/PIB Buildings Project JUBAIL
    Civil Superintendent

    Planning the work system of the project, organize workmanship and the site facilities accessibilities. Overseeing workers competitive quality performance and implement safety rules and regulation on the jobsite. Prepare request for inspection and test for every activities in the jobsite. Resolving any unexpected technical problems that may arise. Review and prepare all necessary documents in related to project. Coordinate with various subcontractors.
    Focus on the excellent result and profit of the project. Preparing all necessary documents in related to project. Update daily work records and monthly reports. Monitoring of various contractors quality workmanship in all aspects of the project. Attend or coordinate meetings with contractors, client, consultant, designer and various departments of concerned government authorities. Report all the accomplishment of the project.

    January. 2010– December. 2012
    Samsung Engineering Co. KSA.
    Increase Gas Handling Capacity (IGHC) Package 4, Gosp 1, Shaybah Project Saudi Aramco
    QC Inspector-Civil

    My scope of works includes but is not limited to civil works of GOSP (Gas and Oil Separation Plant)
    Maintain the latest applicable drawings and specifications with amendments and or approved modification at the job site and ensure that they are used for all shop drawings, fabrication, construction, inspection and testing.
    Ensure to meet the desired level of quality and satisfaction of our client (Aramco) for all civil and other related works.
    Responsible for ensuring that all materials applied to site are of correct type and in good condition with accurate and complete documents.
    Ensure full co-ordination between civil works and other site works.
    Ensure to meet the quality purpose of the project based on design and materials specifications.
    Support the project team through my technical discipline expertise and contributes to the safety of project personnel and property. Ensure that the final product will perform its intended function.

    Oct. 2008 – Oct. 2009
    BECON Construction Ajman UAE
    Emirates City Ajman UEA
    2nos towers Emirates City Ajman (G+4PK+38 floors) Project
    Site Engineer-Civil
    Make field inspections of commercial and residential buildings during various stages of construction and remodeling; inspect foundation, cement, framing, plastering, plumbing and heating installations
    Inspection the reinforcement works on site as per drawings and specifications. Frequently checking of the Calibration certificate related to all equipment’s using at site

    May 2006 – Jan. 2008
    AID (Associates in Development) Pvt. Ltd.
    FDPLD Program funded Project by USAID. KPK, Pakistan
    Site Engineer-Civil

    Prepare request for inspection and test for every activities in the jobsite.
    Resolving any unexpected technical problems that may arise.
    Review and prepare all necessary documents in related to project.
    Coordinate with various subcontractors. Preparing all necessary documents in related to project.
    Update daily work records and monthly reports. Monitoring of various contractors quality workmanship in all aspects of the project. Attend or coordinate meetings with contractors, client, consultant, designer and various departments of concerned government authorities. Execution / supervision of roads, earthworks, concreting & asphalt work. Report all the accomplishment of the project.


    COLLEGE: Govt. College of Technology Rasul-Pakistan
    Diploma of Associate Engineer in Civil Technology (03 Year Diploma)

    Govt. College of Technology Rasul-Pakistan
    03 Month Training for Auto CAD

    ISO 9001: 2015: Auditor/Lead Auditor Training Course (Quality Management System)

    Personal Data:

    Name : Matloob Hussain Father’s Name : Yaqoob Hussain
    Present Location : Al Hofuf Saudi Arabia Nationality : Pakistani
    Visa Status : Transferable Marriage Status : Married
    Language : Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi

  5. I am Adeel Azeem land surveyor .I have 14 years of experience as a Land Surveyor road project pipeline projects .

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